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​​Retrieval of Official Documents for a BVI Business Company/Entity. (Delivery within 1-5 business days by email with original by courier upon request)

Below is a list official documents that we can provide for a BVI Business Company:

  • Certificate of Good Standing
  • List of Current Directors
  • Certified copy of certificate of incorporation
  • Certified copy of memorandum and articles of association
  • Provision of other post incorporation services including provision of BVI Notarization and Apostille company documents.​​​​​​​​​​

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​BVI Company ​Search

Please see below our list of search services.  All search services for a BVI Business Company can be purchased online here. Please go to our BVI Company Search page to PLACE ORDER.

Bulk Order and Annual Regular BVI Company Search / Due Diligence Check

Please email or call us to inquire about bulk orders and regular annual BVI Company Searches. We serve a global professional clientele in performing these updates and providing updated company documents to meet our clients' demands and policies.

Economic Substance Solution

Have questions regarding the Economic Substance  Requirements, MJS & Associates Inc. can help you in three easy and affordable steps:​

1. WE HELP DETERMINE A BVI ENTITY’S ECONOMIC SUBSTANCE CLASSIFICATION! Please see the attached questionnaire to help you determine a BVI Entity’s classification for the economic substance.  The cost to conduct this review and return your answers to you is $200.00 per completed questionnaire.  Please note that all relevant entities will need to undertake an internal review to determine what measures, if any, they should take in order to achieve compliance.

 2.    WE CURTAIL AN ECONOMIC SUBSTANCE PACKAGE SUITABLE FOR YOUR ENTITY!  If your BVI entity falls under the relevant activities, MJS & Associates can provide an annual package consisting of one director, an employee and a small office space as affordable as only $10,000 and up annually. 

3.   WE GET TO WORK! Once a package is agreed, due diligence is satisfied and fees paid, we simply get to work in ensuring that your entity satisfies the economic substance requirements. 

We encourage you to in the first instance, complete our questionnaire and contact us to curtail a package suitable for your needs.  Click here for our Economic Substance Questionnaire! 

Individual and Independent Director to Offshore Companies

With a combined 19 years experience in trust and corporation administration, fiduciary, risk management  and being director to BVI Company, our Principal Mitsy J. Simpson provides individual and independent director service (non-executive) to offshore companies for a limited amount of clients.  Duties include review and approve contracts, proposed changes to  documents, authorize payments, facilitate opening bank accounts  and much more.  

Liquidator Service to BVI Business Companies

​MJS & Associates provides individual liquidator service to BVI solvent companies.  The BVI Business Companies Act, 2004  requires that an individual liquidator be appointed that is capable of providing such duty when a BVI Company enters into voluntary liquidation.

Customized Corporate and Consultancy services

Preparation of corporate resolutions, powers of attorney, secretarial certificates, drafting offering documents and much more to suit your BVI offshore needs.

Please be advised that we treat each client with respect, integrity, confidentiality in our services.  ​​Please contact us by email or phone with your specific service needs. 



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